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Rules and policies

Whole of school policies
School Expectations
The School Expectations (PDF) reflect our core values.
Lesson Expectations
The Lesson Expectations (PDF) showcases our commitment to personal excellence and the expectation for individuals to strive for their best in all lessons.
Lesson Phase Expectations
The Lesson Phase Expectations (PDF) have been developed to ensure students are successful across all subjects.
Responsible Behaviour Plan
The Responsible Behaviour Plan (PDF) outlines our system for facilitating positive behaviours and responding to inappropriate and unacceptable conduct.
Uniform Policy
The Uniform Policy (PDF) outlines school dress standards and expectations as determined by the Principal and representatives of the school community.
Homework Policy
The Homework Policy (PDF) ensures students take responsibility for their own learning whilst teachers and parents foster the development of self-motivation and learning.
Drafting and Assessment Policy
The Drafting and Assessment Policy (PDF) sets out the conditions under which all student work in Queensland Secondary Schools be graded by matching evidence gathered in assessment tasks with a set of Descriptors and Standards associated with these descriptors.
Personal Technology Devices Policy
The Personal Technology Devices Policy (PDF) helps to create a safe environment for students to achieve their potential and to encourage respect for self, others and their environment.
Student Attendance Policy
The Student Attendance Policy (PDF) recognises that it is a requirement under the Queensland Education Provisions Act 2006, that parents and carers ensure children of compulsory school age are in attendance at school every day.